Contest Organiser

European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development

The European Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development is an organisation of graduates and students at the Warsaw School of Economics, which operates effectively at the interface between education and business. Our aim is to foster the development of young people and to shape entrepreneurial attitudes at local, national and international level. We show the true colors of entrepreneurship and strengthen the connections between science and business practice. The Foundation’s flagship initiative is the High School Business Challenge competition.

Stanisław Budzeń

Member of the Supervisory Board

Julian Smółka

Member of the Supervisory Board

Jan Żelazny

Finance manager

Karol Muc

International High School Business Challenge Coordinator

Julia Mituta

International High School Business Challenge Vice-coordinator

Hanna Sykuła

Marketing Manager

Weronika Wilk

CP Manager

Zuzanna Nowakowska

PR Manager

Ewa Skorupa

Logistics Manager

Paweł Abramowicz

Content Manager



The most recognizable organization, whose members are like family to each other.

The Students’ Business Club from the Warsaw School of Economics is an organization that brings together ambitious students from economic universities in Poland. Members of SKN Biznesu organize projects addressed to young people from both Poland and Europe.

The incredible engagement and above-average creativity allowed to create projects presenting the start-up environment, the banking sector, the world of investments or modern healthcare industries. One of the projects is a European case study competition, which encourages high school students to become interested in business. Work on the projects is combined with many workshops and opportunities to build relationships between the Club members. The above things make SKN Biznesu one of the most recognizable organizations, whose members are like family.

Julia Mituta

PL Country Coordinator

Hanna Sykuła

PL Marketing Team Leader

Weronika Wilk

PL CP Team Leader

Zuzanna Nowakowska

PL PR Team Leader

Ewa Skorupa

PL Logistics Team Leader

Paweł Abramowicz

PL Content Team Leader


The Faculty of International Relations (FIR) is one of the largest faculties at the University of Economics, Prague. The key distinctive feature of FIR is high level of internationalization at all stages with strong emphasis on language knowledge of students.

SKOK is a student nonprofit organization SKOK was established in 2014 by a group of friends studying their master at Faculty of International Relations at University of Economics. The main aim of the organization is to connect not only the members of SKOK but also students from other faculties with outside business world. We organize workshops focused on broadening soft skills as well as all kinds of debates. Furthermore, SKOK annually participates in the creation of Global Competitiveness Yearbook published by World Economic Forum since the beginning of the association.

Toporcerová Ivana

CZ Country Coordinator

Tereza Kaczorová

CZ Marketing Team Leader

Anna Vysloužilová

CZ CP/PR Team Leader

Pavla Bačinová

CZ Logistics Team Leader

Lucie Pokorná

CZ Content Team Leader


Central Europe Association is a student organization accredited at the Corvinus University of Budapest, and was founded back in 2016. Our profile implies that our declared goal is to strengthen Central European political, economic, social and cultural relations, as well as to look at the current international events from a regional perspective. The mission of the organization is to provide professional and competitive education at the fields of foreign affairs analysis and foreign policy journalism to its members, as well as to broaden their horizons at its events, debates, courses and professional field trips.

Erik Szilárd Boros

HU Country Coordinator

Orsi Dalma Gál

HU Marketing Team Leader

Márton Kocsárdi

HU CP/PR Team Leader

Lili Sólyom

HU Logistics Team Leader


Študentský parlament NHF (The Student Parliament NHF) is the highest representative body of the university students, which aims to represent the interest of all students at the university, provide non-formal education and participate in creating suitable conditions for the development of student life. Študentský parlament NHF (The Student Parliament NHF)  can be contacted by students who search for answers regarding their studies at the university.

Sofia Šillerová

SK Country Coordinator

Gabriela Funtálová

SK Logistics Team Leader

Mária Palacková

SK CP/PR Team Leader

Filip Gono

SK Marketing Team Leader